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We understand that pure water is one of the most important assets of the manufacturing process. Without it, you face costly interruptions to your operations and compromised product quality.
That’s why Fairhill is dedicated to maintaining your water purification system before trouble occurs. Our maintenance programs are comprehensive and customized to fit your specific needs. Of course, if a problem does arise, we pride ourselves on timely service – and we won’t leave until your system is back in operation. That’s a promise.
We have served many industries, but we’ve developed a special expertise in the following fields:
Pharmaceutical: We understand how to address regulatory concerns while servicing a wide range of purification systems – from research and development to sterile process operations.
Energy: In the energy industry, time is money, and power facilities cannot afford to be off-line because of water purification and filtration issues. We help companies maintain production while also meeting stringent environmental standards.
Industrial: From food processing to semiconductors, the need for constant ultrapure water (UPW) is critical. Not only do we keep filtration systems functioning at peak performance, but we also support water recovery and reuse technologies.
Institutional: Large public and private facilities like office and municipal buildings, and schools and large campuses, need conditioned water to prevent costly repairs due to corrosion and scaling.
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